It’s a brand new week of delicious BBQ fans! Are you ready for what we are serving up this week? 

Tuesday: Have you TRIED our jerk pork yet? Now’s your chance! Jerk pork sandwich topped with plantain chips.

Wednesday: WING-alicious Wednesday is back again, fresh not frozen, smoked in-house and flavour you can’t beat!

Thursday: Step right up for our chicken breast BLT with our own fresh basil mayo- tastes like summer!

Friday: WOWZA! Our pork hock sandie with perfectly spiced jalapeno jelly, topped with peppery arugula is a power punch of flavour!

Saturday: She’s ba-ack! Our popular Frank’s Red Hot Chicken sandwich is cooled off with a blue cheese mayo, lettuce & tomato

Sunday: Pulled-pork, bacon & egg all piled on to a perfect bun…what better way to enjoy Sunday?