Happy First Week of School! We have some amazing specials lined up for you to get your head back in the game.

Tuesday – Mmmm…this one takes us back to carefree childhood days- with a kick! Our chicken salad sandwich with sweet pickles on top. The salad has smoked chicken, pickled onions, celery and our own sweet pickles mixed in. The sauce is the perfect mix of horseradish, mayo, Frank’s Red hot and sweet pickle juice! A delicious version of a long-time favourite!

Wednesday – FAQ- How many wings do you get in a pound? Usually about 12-16! Served with your choice of fries or cornbread! Smokey, spicy, sweet and ONLY on Wednesday!

Thursday – It’s our very own Sloppy Joe served with melted brie and Matchstick potatoes. The Sloppy Joe is made of brisket and rib meat, shredded and cooked out with tons of spice!

Friday – Porchetta is pork belly with the delicious loin still attached. It’s smothered in roasted garlic and rosemary then rolled up so the belly is on the outside. The entire outside turns into crispy crackling. Paired with fennel slaw on top and roasted garlic and herb mayo. Order ahead if you don’t want to miss it!

Saturday – Our pork loin is marinated for 24 hours with a ton of spices, mustard and a touch of molasses. Served on a bun with our bacon jam.

Sunday – Did you know our bacon is actually jowls and it’s smoked with a double shot of maple for 2hrs each. We combine it with Pulled Pork, a fried egg and voila…the perfect breakie sandwich!