New month- who dis? Anybody else blink and wonder where October went to? This upcoming week is looking a little cloudy and overcast outside, but our specials will be sure to warm you up!
Tuesday– What’s the best way to beat this gloomy weather? Head to Cuba! Or…at least have one of our awesome Cuban Sandy’s! Our house maple-smoked ham, pulled pork, Carolina Gold Sauce, our own dill pickles and swiss cheese. An explosion of flavour!
Wednesday-  FAQ- How many wings in a pound? Well,  it’s anywhere between 12-16 of the local, fresh & tasty wings.  As always with your choice of fries or cornbread.  Yay for Wing Wednesday!
Thursday- Our house-made Sloppy Joe Sandwich has some rib meat, brisket and lotsa flavour! Topped with aged cheddar and a roasted garlic mayo. Bring your appetite!
Friday-NEW-Serving up a fan fave here, our smoky Pulled Lamb Shoulder Sandwich -yum! Served with goat cheese, arugula & a sun-dried tomato mayo!
Saturday– The perfect flavour to start your weekend our Pulled Ham Hock Sandwich is basically meat butter! The hocks are cured for ten days, smoked over night and pulled, served with our own jalapeno jelly.
Sunday– Have a crazy Saturday night? We have your guaranteed hangover cure! Our Pulled Pork, Bacon and Egger will cure anything that ails ya!