Hey, there BBQ fans! What’s on your ‘to-do list’ this week? Ours is pretty straightforward, make awesome food from scratch every day and keep you happy! 

Tuesday– It’s pretty miserable out there today so we have the perfect sandwich to warm you up! Our Classic Sloppy Joe, made with hearty rib and brisket ends, our tomato sauce and a perfect mix of spices for some heat! We top it off with our cheese blend!

Wednesday-  Wings, wings, wings! Yep, we’ve smoked ’em in a mix of Alder and Maple and are servin’ them up a pound at a time
 with your choice of homemade cornbread or our fresh-cut fries!
Thursday- Today our sweet and spicy Jerk Pulled Pork Sandwich is served with our addictive mango slaw and a spicy BBQ sauce! You can taste the sun in it!
Friday– You DO NOT want to miss this one. Our porchetta is pork belly with the loin still attached, we smother it in roasted garlic and rosemary, roll it up toss it in the oven until the outside turns to crispy cracklin’ then we slice it up , top it with a pear slaw and herb mayo. TO DIE FOR! You may want to call ahead to reserve your sandwich today 😉 these always go fast!
Saturday– Yee haw! It’s Crispy Soft Chicken Taco Day! No matter what time of year, these babies always taste great and will put a smile on your face. Chicken thighs soaked in buttermilk for 24 hours, double dredged in our special flour mixture, then fried up! Served with our own smoked corn salsa, Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, pickled onions and cilantro! 

Sunday– Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…why not celebrate the first of the month with breakie out! We have our Pulled Pork, Bacon & Egger on all day long, so no matter what time you wander in…we can serve the best breakfast to ya!