The countdown is really on now! Wanted to remind you that we have our sauce, rub, gift certificates & hats…all the best stuff for the BBQ fan in your house! This week’s specials:

Tuesday– Oh yeah! Pulled pork tacos with our own refried beans and topped with a fresh salsa verde.

Wednesday-  OK for all you awesome Wing-nuts, we have our very fresh, very local chicken wings today. Always fresh out of the fryer for you, a pound at a time!
Thursday- Yes! Made famous by “You Gotta Eat Here’s” John Catucci…our Pulled Pork Lasagna! Delicious and nutricious- the perfect dinner treat. Yes you can order ahead and pick it up on the way home!
Friday– Yummmm…pulled pork hocks roasted to perfection and topped with melted brie, a pear mayo and peppery arugula!
Saturday– Saturday lamb anyone? Our pulled lamb shoulder sandwich topped with our perfectly minted cucumbers and a garlic mayo. Such an amazing treat, perfect rest from your holiday shopping frenzy!

Sunday– Our pulled pork bacon and egg sandwich is a great reason to crawl outta bed on a Sunday morning…or afternoon, we serve it all day!