Here are this week’s specials:

Tuesday– Chili cheese fries are back! The chili is rich with both brisket and rib meat and a good kick of spices.

Wednesday– FAQ- How many wings in a pound? Well, it’s anywhere between 12-16 of the local, fresh & tasty wings. As always with your choice of fries or cornbread. Comes with our wing sauce which is a bit sweeter spicier version of our BBQ.

Thursday– Sloppy Joe sandwich with smoked cheddar and bacon. The bacon is actually jowls that have been cured and smoked for four hours in maple. Oh yeah!

Friday– You DO NOT want to miss this one. Our Porchetta sandwich comes with arugula, goat cheese and a sun-dried tomato mayo. 

Saturday–  Crispy chicken sandwich with Frank’s Red hot sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and blue cheese mayo. The chicken is thighs soaked for 24h in buttermilk, double dusted in our flour rub dredge and deep fried! 

Sunday– We love our Sunday regular gang, why not stop by and see what you’re missing? A pulled pork sandwich, piled high on a bun with our own jowl bacon and a fried egg. We think it might be the solution to World Peace…but that’s just us!