Hey, there BBQ fans! What’s on your ‘to-do list’ this week? Ours is pretty straightforward, make awesome food from scratch every day and keep you happy! 

Tuesday – Pulled chicken sandwich with curried pear chutney and lettuce. It’s our famous smoked chicken which is leg and thigh meat smoked for 2hrs with alder.

Wednesday – Yee haw! It’s Wing Wednesday! They are soo good because they are never frozen, made fresh every week & fried up on the spot for your order! Call ahead if you want to make sure you don’t miss them.

Thursday – We have our Food Network Canada Hit Special up for you today! Enjoy delicious layers of pulled pork, 3 cheese blend, noodles and tomato sauce.

Friday – Enjoy a Pork Loin sandwich with apple sauce and beef bacon. The Pork loin is marinated with some molasses, spices, and is smoked for around 2hrs with alder. Beef bacon is cured for about 10 days in house and then smoked for about 6-7 hours with maple. Doesn’t get better than this!

Saturday – Yum! It’s Crispy Chicken Soft Taco day! Tender chicken thighs, fried until perfect, topped with smoked corn salsa, pickled onions, Carolina Gold BBQ sauce & cilantro.

Sunday – We love our Sunday regular gang, why not stop by and see what you’re missing? A pulled pork sandwich, piled high on a bun with our own jowl bacon and a fried egg. We think it might be the solution to World Peace…but that’s just us.