New month – who dis? This upcoming week is looking a little cloudy and overcast outside, but our specials will be sure to warm you up!

Tuesday – Woah, it’s been a while since we featured a meatball sub…time to change all that, ’cause this baby is decked out with smoked meatballs & cheese. We’re serving up this fine example of BBQ from 11 to 7 today – slow food fast!

Wednesday – WING-alicious Wednesday is back again, fresh not frozen, smoked in-house and flavour you can’t beat! 250-585-2258 to order 🙌🏼

Thursday – We believe there is little that good food can’t cure. That’s why we’re serving up our delicious cured salmon topped off with pickled fennel and a lemon caper mayo.

Friday – Flavours of the tropics today! Our Jerk-Spiced Pulled Pork Sandwich. Generously topped with chipotle BBQ sauce and crunchy plantain chips

Saturday – Today’s special is Peruvian style pulled chicken tacos – this means the chicken is marinated in a heavy lime juice, paprika and cumin mixture. We’re garnishing with fried potato tossed with olive pesto!

Sunday – Hey Sunday, how YOU doin’? We are here to make your weekend the best it can be and that means finishing it off with a Pulled Pork, Bacon & Egg Sandy. The perfect cure for whatever you got up to on the weekend!