Tuesday – Today we are featuring our savoury Cuban sandwich! Our maple-smoked house ham, pulled pork piled on a bun and topped with Carolina gold sauce, our own dill pickles and Swiss cheese. A crazy good combination of flavours that will take you to a sunnier place! 

Wednesday – In case ya didn’t know, Wednesday is Wing Day at Smokin’ George’s BBQ! Our wings come in fresh on Tuesday, they’re dusted with our rub, and popped in the Smoker Wednesday morning with local Alder wood.We serve em up by the pound with your choice of house cut fries or freshly baked cornbread. Tender and smoky, you can’t go wrong stopping by for Wings on Wednesday!

Thursday – Here’s a variation on one of your favourites…the pork loin sandwich, this time decked out with a red onion relish and Matchstick potatoes. Come on in and have a bite 11 to 7!

Friday – It’s lunchtime! Are you ready for our Lamb Shoulder Sandwich? Like everything at Smokin’ George’s it’s slooooowww food (prepped over the last few days) served fast to you! Topped with goat cheese and crunchy arugula. So good – see you soon!

Saturday – We’re going for big flavour today folks, and we like to think we’ve perfected the art of the crispy chicken soft taco! The chicken is buttermilk-marinated overnight, then twice coated in a mix of flour and our signature BBQ rub. We fry it ’till it’s crispy, wrap it in a soft tortilla shell, and top it off with smoked corn and tomato salsa, fresh cilantro and a splash of our Carolina Gold BBQ sauce. There is a reason these babies are so popular!  

Sunday – It’s that day again… where you can sleep in and still have time to grab one of our pulled pork, house bacon & egg sandwiches for brunch. So damn tasty and it’s on all day, 11 to 7.