Hot Sandwich Buffet

Super popular for staff appreciation lunches or client training seminars as well as poker games, Grey Cup, Super Bowl or Stanley Cup Play-off Parties. Basically, any time you have the gang together for a casual meal or celebration, this is a great option. The buffet comes with everything you and your guests need to have fun building your own Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket Sandwiches.

Gluten-free buns are available for these sandwiches.

Pulled Pork$8.40 per person

4oz pull pork per person, sliced buns, BBQ Sauce and traditional coleslaw garnish.

Beef Brisket$9.50 per person
4oz sliced beef brisket per person, sliced buns and BBQ Sauce

Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket$8.95 per person
Yes, you are welcome to have both of these delicious meats on your hot sandwich buffet. We suggest a ratio of 60% pulled pork to 40% beef brisket. Comes with 4 oz of meat per person, sliced buns, BBQ sauce and sandwich garnish

Throw in some house-made BBQ Potato Chips, Pit Beans, Smokin’ George’s Killer Potato Salad and our famous chocolate brownies and you’re good to go!

Check out the Sample Menus below for great ideas on how you can pair these sandwiches up with yummy sides and salads.

Fresh & Delicious Sandwich Ideas

Why settle for the same old, same old when you can up the ante with a selection of super tasty sandwiches made in-house from real and fresh ingredients. Ready to go when you are, this is a perfect choice for corporate meetings and lunch & learns, or for outdoor picnics at the beach or park.

Gluten-free buns are available for these sandwiches.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich:  $8.25
House-cured & smoked Ham topped with smoked Mozzarella and fresh lettuce, served in a soft Kaiser bun slathered with creamy roasted Garlic & Herb Mayo

Chicken Salad Sandwich:  $8.25
Tender morsels of our smoked chicken spiked with creamy dill dressing, make this no ordinary chicken salad sandwich. Served in a soft Kaiser bun and topped with our house made sweet pickles

SG’s Turkey Club: $8.45
Sliced house-made turkey and bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato & cranberry mayo… Yum!!!

Pork Loin & Smoked Cheddar: $8.25
Like you’ve never had it before… tender slices of pork loin topped with smoked cheddar and thin slices of apple for a wonderful sweet crunch. You’ll be back for more!

Make it a meal with the addition of our Sundried Tomato & Black Olive Pasta Salad, our house-made BBQ Potato Chips, and Award-winning Bacon-topped Nanaimo Bar.

Check out the Sample Menus below for great ideas on how you can pair these sandwiches up with yummy sides and salads.

The Main Event

So, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re all about the meat at Smokin’ George’s BBQ! In fact, we’re all about smoked meat, Southern BBQ Style! If that’s your thing too, you’re definitely in the right place and we’re so happy to meet you!!!

BBQ Ribs
Full Rack: $26; Half Rack: $15.75
3 ribs per person (great for buffets): $10.95 or $3.85 per piece
Dry or messy, Smokin’ George’s BBQ Ribs are quickly gaining a reputation for being the best in town. Smokin’ George’s serves side ribs so portion sizes are generous. BBQ sauce included.

Smoked Chicken Legs
Whole leg & thigh pieces uncut: $6.75 per piece; Leg or thigh pieces: $3.75 each
Fresh from Farmhouse Poultry in Cowichan Valley, these chicken legs are smoked to perfection until tender & juicy. Served with Smokin’ George’s white BBQ sauce and our very own sweet pickles.

Smoked Sausage: $3.50 per sausage
Specially prepared for us by Hertels in Port Alberni

Pulled Pork: $12.55 per half pound or $25.10 per pound
Our specialty! Hertels in Port Alberni supplies us with super high-quality hormone & antibiotic free pork butts from family run farms in the Fraser Valley. This is fresh at its best and we wouldn’t have it any other way! BBQ sauce included.

Sliced Beef Brisket: $15.95 per half pound or $31.90 per pound
Carnivore heaven… BBQ fans dream about Smokin’ George’s slow-cooked beef brisket! Served with our Original BBQ Sauce.

Smokin’ George’s BBQ Feast: $19.25 per person
(includes BBQ Sauces & sliced buns)
Can’t decide? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our BBQ Feast. An awesome selection of our smoked meats (ribs, chicken, sausage, pulled pork, & brisket) plus all the fixins (beans, corn bread, slaw).

Pulled Pork Lasagna: $8.50 per serving, includes Tomato Sauce
(minimum order of 9 servings required)
An Italian classic with a BBQ Twist, this dish is both genius & delicious

Creamy Mac & Cheese: $7.50 per serving
Yeah, we know, you got some Vegetarians on your party list! That’s OK, be nice, cause everyone’s gonna love this Mac & Cheese!

Hey, check out the Sample Menus below for great ideas on how you can pair these entrées up with yummy sides and salads.


Fresh ingredients and creative ideas to tantalize even the most serious of carnivores. If you’re craving a salad that you don’t see here, let us know as there is a very good chance we can make if for you.

Quinoa & Arugula Salad: $3.85 per person
With wine-soaked fruit and citrus dressing

Baby Spinach Salad: $3.85 per serving
Baby spinach leaves tossed with bacon, toasted sliced almonds and sliced mushrooms. Served with our creamy white house dressing.

Summer Bean, Beet & Chevre Salad: $4.25 per serving
Tender summer beans tossed with beets, goat cheese, and truffle oil dressing

Smokin’ George’s Killer Potato Salad: $3.75 per serving
The name says it all!

Simple Green Salad: $3.95 per serving
A refreshing mix of artisan greens sprinkled with grape tomatoes and julienne of beet & carrot. Served with our House Balsamic & Olive Oil dressing

Black Olive Pasta Salad: $3.45 per serving
Tossed in a sundried tomato vinaigrette, this salad is beautiful & delicious!

Coleslaw: $2.65 per serving
The quintessential backyard BBQ salad!

Check out the Sample Menus below for great ideas on how you can pair these up with yummy sandwiches and hot items for the main event!

Smokin’ Sides

Things that make you go Mmmmmmmmmm

Home Baked Cornbread
Large slice: $3.25, Med slice: $1.75, Mini slice: $1.00
Our famous Cornbread baked fresh daily – the perfect complement to any BBQ Feast

Mom’s Pit Beans: $2.65 per serving
Fashioned after Smokin’ George’s Mom’s secret recipe, these beans are home- made and feature lots of savoury meat ends. A vegetarian option is available.

Smokin’ George’s Signature House Made BBQ Potato Chips: $15.00 per basket, serves 20 (min order)
The only downside is that you may never eat chips out of a bag again!

Creamy Mac & Cheese: $2.95 per serving
The ultimate comfort food that everybody loves

White Bean & Bacon Chili: $3.25 per serving
I know, I know, sounds incredibly delicious… ’cause it is!

Smoked Chicken Wings: $5.75 per serving (6 wings) or .95 per wing
Plump, Tender, Smoky Wings fresh from Farm House Poultry in Cowichan Valley


Chocolate Brownie, Rice Crispy Square, Chocolate Chip Banana Slice: $1.55/slice

Bacon Topped Nanaimo Bars:  $2.10/slice

Cocktail Party Ideas

Crudité: $39 per tray
Fresh veggies with a savoury dip. Serves 30 people.

Smokin’ George’s Signature House-made BBQ Potato Chips: $15 per basket
Serves 20 people.

Smoked Chicken Wings: $0.95 per wing
Plump, tender, smokey wings fresh from Farm House Poultry in Cowichan Valley.

Sliders: $3.75 each
Pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked chicken salad, turkey club, smoked meatloaf… we could go on and on. Want sliders? Let’s create something just for you!

House-cured Salmon with Capers & Bagel Chips: $55 for a side of salmon

Smoked Meatballs: $22.95 / dozen
Served with Carolina Gold Sauce

Pulled Pork Tostadas: $2.75 each
Heavenly bite sized morsels of pulled pork served on a crispy corn tortilla and topped with BBQ Sauce, crème fraiche & fresh smoked corn salsa.

Cornbread: $1 per slice
Mini Home-baked goodness!

Mini Salad: $3.15 per serving
Delicious Genius… an appy-sized scoop of our potato, quinoa or beet salad served in a 4 oz glass mason jar for easy serving, eating & enjoying!

Note: Some items may require on site staffing.