Easy to set up and serve, these simple menus are popular for board room lunches, corporate seminars & meetings and lunch & learns. Order as is, or check out our sides, salads and dessert selections from the full catering menu to customize your own menu

Minimum 20 servings per order, prices per person

Hot Sandwich Buffet: $16.50 – $17.25 per person
Make your own Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket Sandwiches (or a combo of both), comes with Beans (GF), Creamy Coleslaw (GF) (V) & Chocolate Brownies (V).

Cold Sandwiches: $16.65 per person
A selection of Ham & Cheese, Chicken Salad & Vegetarian Sandwiches, with SG’s House-made BBQ Potato Chips (V), Simple Green Salad (GF) (V) and Bacon Topped Nanaimo Bars

Pulled Pork Lasagna: $16.50 per person
A hearty slice of Pulled Pork Lasagna, with Simple Green Salad (GF) (V) and Corn Bread (V)

Pulled Pork & Chicken Salad Slider Bar: $16.75 per person
3 Sliders per person plus Creamy Coleslaw (GF) (V) & SG’s House-made BBQ Potato Chips (V)

Smoked Wings & BBQ Ribs: $18.35
2 Ribs (side ribs) + 5 Wings per person, Creamy Slaw (GF) (V) & Cornbread (V)

Smokin’ George’s BBQ Feast: $19.25 per person
A selection of our BBQ Meats (GF) & Sauces (GF): pulled pork, smoked chicken, BBQ Ribs, Beef Brisket & Sausage and all the fixins: cornbread (V), beans, coleslaw (GF) (V), buns (V) & sweet pickles (GF) (V).

Creamy Mac & Cheese (V): $16.00 per person
With simple green salad (GF) (V), Cornbread (V) & SG’s House-made BBQ Potato Chips (V)

Smoked Chicken Legs: $16.50 per person
Smoked Chicken Legs (GF) with White BBQ Sauce (GF) & House-made Sweet Pickles (GF) (V), Penne Pasta Salad with Black Olives & Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette (V) & Cornbread (V).

The Fine Print

  • Got a couple of Vegetarians on your guest list? No worries, we can add or substitute a few servings of our Mac & Cheese or Vegetarian Sandwiches to your menu.
  • We have Gluten Free Buns available – let us know if you need a couple
  • Above prices are per person and do not include delivery, equipment rental, paper plates, napkins & cutlery or taxes (5% Gst).