Sample Wedding Menu 2

A selection of fresh cut veggies with dip.

SG’s Signature House-made BBQ Potato Chips
Simply Awesome Chips!

BBQ Ribs
Dry or messy, these ribs are the real deal. Served with our signature BBQ Sauce.
(3 pieces per serving)

Pulled Pork
Cooked long and slow in our smoker, truly tender and delicious!!!

Quinoa, Dried Fruit & Arugula Salad
With wine soaked  fruit and Citrus Dressing.

Green Salad with Dressing
A refreshing mix of artisan greens sprinkled with grape tomatoes and julienne of beet & carrot.
Served with our House Balsamic & Olive Oil Dressing.

Baked Potatoes
With all the fixins: butter, sour cream & chives.

Baked Beans
Homemade beans featuring savory meat ends.

 Mac & Cheese
A yummy treat for your younger guests & vegetarians.

Corn Bread & Dinner Buns
Gluten-fee buns available.

Price per guest: $34.25 plus GST

Prices are for food only. Please call Lea at 250-585-4372 to discuss equipment rental, delivery and staffing services.

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